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Frequently Asked Questions on Clans

1. Do all clan members have the same privileges?
No. The privileges you have depend on your ranking within the clan:

9 Clan Leader: any clan commands
8 Clan Editor: clanset description, clanset title, clanedit
7 Clan Admin : clanaccept, clankick
5 Clan Scribe: copy
4 Librarian : withdraw
3 Clancast
2 Autocorpse
1 Basic membership: check, deposit (to library), clanrecall, clandonate
0 Uninitiated members

2. How do I join a clan?
First, do your research. Type 'clanlist' to see a list of clans in HOTL3, and 'help ' to learn about a specific clan. Each clan may have different prerequisites and application procedures, but usually you will need to inform a clan leader or admin, formally or informally. Using the command 'clanjoin ', you will then be placed on a waiting list, to be accepted by a clan admin later.

3. Can I leave a clan? How do I leave?
You may leave your clan - or be kicked out - at any time, by either paying 1 million gold to the clan fund and using the command 'clanleave', or by getting a clan admin to clankick you (sometimes they may not want to let you go, so your alternative is to pay).

4. Why should I join a clan?
Comradeship, a sense of belonging, and people whom you know you can depend on. Not to mention many other tangible MUD benefits (read the next FAQ).

5. So what ARE these tangible MUD benefits?
The basic package is your own stronghold (which is inaccessible to normal players) and the ability to customise the descriptions of these rooms, as well as the names of clan ranks and other information about the clan. Depending on a clan's rating, its members may enjoy special benefits:




An additional bank slot
Clan Lounge regenerates Movement twice as fast
Clan Library allowing members to share books
Clan Lounge regenerates Mana twice as fast
Clan Lounge regenerates HP twice as fast
Ability to cast clan spells
Experience bonus
Corpse retrieval
Clan Library can duplicate books

6. What's a clan rating?
It is a numerical measure to determine the benefits a clan would enjoy. A clan needs to have at least 250 AP to be rated, and the rating is calculated with the following formula: Rating = F/(4*(20+T)) + A*100 + L*10 + G*50 + B; where:
F - clan fund (Max Rating from fund is 125k)
A - clan ap (Max Rating from AP is 125k)
T - total number of members (members in waiting not included)
L - total level of all the members
G - total generation of all the members
B - Sum of LOB*(100+NOB) where LOB = level of book and NOB = no of books
(subject to changes and tuning)

7. Do I have to pay to join a clan?
As clans always require monetary resources for day to day expenses, most clans impose a fee in gold for joining. You can check this fee on 'clanlist'. However, some clans may be more stringent and impose tests of courage and strength before accepting members.

8. What if I don't want to be in a clan?
There is no rule that says anyone who isn't in a clan cannot enjoy the game. It's just that when you're in a clan, you are entitled to things that normal players won't have access to. But of course, you will also be vulnerable to playerkilling by rival clan members.

9. How do I start a clan?
Consider the following:
a) Do you have a clear purpose in mind?
b) What kind of players will you accept?
c) Have you thought about clan rules?
d) What about ranks and requirements?
e) Are you a Gen2 player possessing 250AP and 1.5mil gold?

If you have answers to all these and are confident of gaining followers,
you can use the command 'clanform <clanname>. Thereafter, you may use the
following commands:

clanaccept to accept a new member
clankick to kick an existing member out
clantalk to communicate on an exclusive clan channel
clanset to perform administrative duties
clancast to cast a spell on all clan members only
clanedit to customise your clan room descriptions

10. Will clans be allowed to raid other clans?
Not as yet but in the future.

11. Can a clan be dissolved?
A clan will be automatically shut down if its rating falls below zero or if it has less than 750,000 gold in their clan fund.

The Clans of HOTL3



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