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The Implementor Team

The Implementors or IMPs are the highest level of the MUD Administration. They deal with the mechanics of HOTL3, and are the people to whom you should direct technical problems. They code areas, classes, spells, etc. They also have the final say on policies and laws in this MUD.

The Immortal Team

Immortals or IMMs are below the IMPs in the hierarchy. IMMs assist the IMPs in the daily administration of the Mud. You may approach them with questions or even ask for assistance on things that other mortals CANNOT help you with, but any help or assistance rendered should be viewed as kindness or generosity on the part of the IMM (or IMP), and not as an obligation.

Did you know...

Some IMPs don't like to be called NUTs.

Most IMPs are working or busy with commitments and are on less than they need to or would like to.

IMPs have feelings too. They used to be players... once.

There is always an IMP or IMM watching over you.

IMPs are not above the rules of the game. Let us know if you see them acting otherwise.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
-- Abraham Lincoln

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