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We warmly salute these players who, over the years, have contributed the following pieces of fiction to HOTL.

Title Author Description
Adiara's Song Rainy Lady Adiara's manuscript found shortly after her mysterious death.
The Return of Rizak Azhag Who is Rizak? And why must he be destroyed? Azhag gathers his friends for an adventure.
Soulsword Waylan A motley group of adventurers battle against a demonic Lord of Evil.
The Third Age Rainy The world's various epochs eloquently chronicled in verse.
Unsung Heroes Crysania An epic recording the trials and tribulations of life in the good old days.
A Brush with Set Crys What do you know, Set's still around even after all these years!
The Journal of Farewell Kedryn Retrieved near the Portal of Darkness - a haunting tale of love and loss.
The Adventures of Gil Gil Now you know that the Dark Knights are not a myth after all...

Please contact Smoo if you have an article to share. And if your work is deemed worthy, a small fortune in karma may be yours.

Your journal will be judged on plot, language, originality and creativity. Rewards will range between 100-300 karma.

'Tis nobler to lose honor to save the lives of men than 'tis to gain honor by taking them.
--- David Borenstein

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