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Known as Demons of Might, balrogs are fire-spitting, fast-moving horrors who sport thickly-armored hides and countless horns and teeth. Their huge girth belies an impressive agility that makes them a formidable threat in every respect.

Balrogs are known to be experts in using whips of fire and other sharp flaming weapons. They frequently fought in the Wars of Beleriand, but most of them were killed in the Great Battle. Those who survived either hid or were buried deep underground, and were thought to be extinct. However, balrogs do surface now and then to wreak havoc upon civilisation, as did the Terror of Moria before it was destroyed by Gandalf.

Class inclination
Driven by an unholy force, balrogs are unsurpassed as warriors, but they may wield magic with the same ease as their fiery weapons.

Berserk, Bodycontrol, Evil

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