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The Irda are a rarely-sighted race. However, they possess several extremely distinctive features - blue-green skin, silvery hair and hypnotic black eyes. In all other aspects they appear human. It is also said that the birth of an Irda comes about once in a blue moon.

Originally created as ogres by Takhisis, these creatures were perfect in every way. Beauty, might and intellect were their god-given traits. However it was their self-pride which precipitated their fall from grace. Only a small band who sought to cleanse their souls of all evil survived the wrath of the gods by fleeing to live in isolation from society. Calling themselves the Children of the Stars, they thus became known as the Irda.

Class inclination
Firstborn of the gods and given superior abilities, the Irda today are still unparalleled magic-users.

Lifeforce, Infravision, Stun, Regenerate, Good

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