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The Third Age - by Rainy

The First Age

I came to awareness
In the First Age,
The Age of Heroes.

I was not the First,
But I was born
In the First of the Ages.

Life was simple in the First Age.
One lived, one killed.
To gain in power and prowess
To grow in skill and ability.
Mages, Clerics, Warriors, Thieves.

One made fast friends,
And the occasional enemy.

Then came the First Great Darkness,
The First Cataclysm.
All the world and all the races were
Wiped out, swiped clean,
And the world changed.
Our souls were kept for new bodies
In a New World,
In the Second Age,
The Age of Might and Madness.

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The First Age

The Second Age

The Third Age

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