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Soulsword - by Waylan

Part I

The sword arced down towards his head. He barely blocked it with his buckler, and felt the wood shatter. The blade bit into his left arm and severed it. Biting back a scream of pain, Jared stabbed with his sword into the exposed belly of the demon warrior, then with a vicious head-butt sent the creature toppling of its steed. He spared a look at his left arm.

"Thank the gods for small favors..." he muttered. The wound had been completely cauterized by the searing blade of the demon.

The battle whirled and raged around him. The once fertile plain he so dearly loved was now a charnel house of blood, gore and corpses. More of men than demons he noticed. Hatred and despair flared in his heart as he looked up and saw, on a hilltop, a gigantic figure draped in a cape, with ornate armor of hellish design and a hideous horned-helm. A huge sword, its black blade emanating palpable evil, pierced the ground beside him.

The figure stood, as if contemplating, on a mound of human corpses. Jared saw another of his captains lead a futile charge against the monster. With a single gesture, the demon-lord sent bolts of fire that disintegrated his men all at once. Sorcerer and demon! With a cry of rage he leapt off his war-horse and ran towards the demon-lord, brandishing his sword.

"Fight me you ugly whore-son! Face me and die!" he screamed and slashed his way towards the hill. At the bottom of the mound, he felt someone gripping his shoulder. Jared turned and saw the dark and bloody face of his half-brother Orlok.

"Come brother, let us kill this demon together and end this bloody invasion!" said Jared.

"No my brother, this ends here..." Jared never felt the dirk enter his back. The last things he saw were the eyes of the demon. Black on black, evil within evil. Or were those his brother's?

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