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What the hell is it, anyway?
Face it, wasn't there ever a time when someone did something to you that you felt they shouldn't have, but nothing could be done to bring the offender to justice because it wasn't an enforceable rule of the game? That's where muddiquette, or MUD etiquette comes in.

The general principle on most MUDs (and the rest of the Internet for that matter) seems to be "don't do anything to other people that you wouldn't want done to yourself". And that's a good rule to go by, unless you're some sort of anti-social outcast. Because in an online, real-time, interactive game, your real friends (or foes) are other players who are human beings like yourself.

The following guidelines have been submitted by ClockSpin. If you would like to add on, please email Smoo.

Speak when spoken to
One of the most irritating things that could happen to you is to be totally ignored. Imagine telling someone something for eight ticks or more, and then that person just logs off. Basic courtesy dictates that at least a "bug off" reply be given. It's an acknowledgment that we exist, that's all. Not too difficult, and it's being polite.

Don't EXPECT help
There may be times when you wander into the wrong place, and end up being struck down in one single blow by an aggressive mob. Of course, you can't wander in again to be killed again, but you need to get your stuff back. So you scream for help. But it doesn't mean that just because you asked for help, you're going to get it. Sometimes, others may not be strong enough to do much, and there aren't any big guys around, except the immortals. Or they could be busy. Whatever the reason, just because others are stronger than yourself, it doesn't mean they have to give a hand in all circumstances. If you don't get help the first time, or even the eighth time, don't start spamming or cursing. It spoils the atmosphere, and who would want to help you after that? As for older, more experienced players getting killed, the same rules should apply.

For newbies who need equipment, the help files are quite useful, if no one pays attention to you. Either that, or just wait it out. There'll be someone to help you sooner or later. And if someone does turn up, a thank you is very much in order, since your helper doesn't get anything out of helping you.

Helping others
Along those lines, older players who know more about the MUD often extend a helping hand to others. If you don't feel like helping, however, please don't. I've come across a case of being insulted by a senior player who needed his sleep. Grouchy perhaps, but definitely very personal, and a word of note to such players - please don't think that because you're the only ones who can kill a dracolich, it gives you the right to hammer the poor guy's ego into the floor.

And of course, we all remember being newbies at one point or other. It's so much more worth it to play on when someone smiles at you and gives you a guiding hand. Maybe we should try and help as and when we can. MUD isn't about getting god-like characters only - what's the point of that? Interaction and talking rubbish makes the MUD so much more enjoyable for all. Special note of thanx to Azure - he's probably the best book seller and patient helper around. Ask him how he feels about that!

Auctioning items
Sometimes, we get stuck in a maze and need food. Or sometimes, a senior player helped you to get a nice book that you've wanted for years. Whatever the case, auctioning is a simple way of passing items to someone on the other side of the gates. It doesn't follow that because you have tons of money, and you want that item too, you can just bid for the item. The person to whom the item's being directed needs it more than you, more often than not, and may be infernally poorer. Just let it be, and hook onto other items first. After all, you may need help yourself at times. Of course, auctioneers should take care that they know how to adjust bids as well as specify the target of the item. Else don't blame others if they bid for it!

Finally, acknowledge any help you get, give whatever. It makes the helper feel better. Just remember that we're out to have fun in this MUD, and a pleasant environment helps that much more.

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