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What is Singlish?
Simply put, a colloquial version of English unique to Singaporeans. It may contains words from various languages or dialects such as Malay, Hokkien and Cantonese. The grammatical structure of Singlish is also rather economical as you'll see verbs and pronouns juxtaposed to defy everything you've previously learnt.

But how can you mangle the language like that?
As mentioned, it's economical. And sometimes the structure of a sentence in Singlish closely resembles a Mandarin sentence structure. All in all, probably a result of the bilingual educational policy here. But lest you think Singapore is a land of illiterates who flunked English in school, most people know when and where to use proper English. Singlish is just a more relaxed and conversational version.

Some Singlish expressions*

Beo Look at
Blur Confused
Bo No / Don't have / Or not
Bo hiu Ignore
Bo lang No one / Deserted
Bo liao /
Bo liow
Got nothing better to do
Bo lui Broke, out of money
Buaya Flirt (of the preying variety)
Buey heow Don't know how (to)
Buey sai Cannot
Cheh / Chey Big deal
Chin chai Up to you, anything goes
Chio gao peng / CGP Laugh till you fall off the chair
Dao Proud / haughty
Dun Don't
Farnee Funny
Got An affirmative verb
Har Is it
Heong Powerful
Kiasi Afraid to die
Kiasu Afraid to lose out
Kok n. A silly person
v. Bonk on the head
Lai Come
Lai liow Coming
Lebber Level
Liao / Liow Already
Luan luan Anyhow, without care
Mai A negative reply, eg. "no thanks"
Makan n. Food
v. Eat
Marnee Money
Mati Die, perish
Mm zai I don't know
Nebber Never
Orr / Orh OK
Pa buey si Invincible (in combat)
Siam Avoid, get out of the way
Sian Sick of (something)
Siao / Siow Crazy, demented
Siao liow / Siow liow We're in for it now
Sim tia Heartache
Simi What
Simi tai ji? (SMTC) What is it?
What do you want?
Tau tia Headache
Tomolo Tomorrow
Wahlau An exclamation, like "Geez"
Wun Won't

*This table does not profess to account for all variations of the same words or phrases. Thus don't be surprised to find things spelled differently in the game.

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