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Dwarves are a diminutive, stocky people known for their sturdiness and tenacity. Their thick, stout frames lend poor dexterity but high strength and stamina. A typical dwarf boasts a ruddy or dusky complexion and thick, stumpy limbs. Both men and women are known to take absolute pride in their beards.

Like the elves, dwarves tend to be suspicious of other races and thus prefer to live isolated in their mountain strongholds. The dwarven veneer of grouchiness and pessimism masks a great passion for work, drink, history and song. Brought up to cherish responsibility, dwarves have achieved a standard of stonemasonry unparalleled by mortals.

Class inclination
Dwarves are well-suited to being warriors, but they do not perform well as stealth-fighters.


Races with similar class inclination:

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