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Skeletons are rotted corpses whose origins involves a process that binds a spirit from the elemental plane of evil to a lifeless physical body. Created to guard the necromancers castle from villagers who would seek to stop his unholy research. The skeletons would often be given rutsy weapons to defend the castle with because they only need to scare the vilagers away.

The skeletons bones are bound together with leather and metal and given life with the necromancers magic. They are often found with glowing eyes and hands so that they could easily get anyones attention. Because their flesh and blood has rotted away they tend to be hard to poison and can be quite frightning at times.

Class inclination
Skeletons being made for fighting make good warriors and mages. But because of their creaking bones and evil origins they do not perform well as thieves or clerics.

Evil, Fear

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