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These are the special undead race,having been originated from a dead human corpse.They have awakened and now walk Krynn.Like their predecessors,they do not excel in any field,but in this way,do not suffer drawbacks.

It is rumored that on a night where every thing is dark,and the essence of evil is strongest,will the vampire be born. This makes the vampire lust for blood at a very outrageous need. They cannot live on normal food, therefore have to fang corpses to survive.

Because of this, they are very strong and powerful,its known that a vampire has immense strength, fast reflexes, and high wit.Their resistance to all elements have also increased.

Class inclination
They can be trained to be anything,and in due time will excel greatly.

Evil, Fangs, Ichor, Drain

Races with similar class inclination:

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