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Azureans are the beings of light, giving off radiance and as the light is too bright to look at them straight on, their physical image are not defined. They are humaniod in shape, standing taller than an average human or elf, at ranges of 6 feet with 4 hands. They cherish life and would protect nature from corruption, sharing something in common with the elves.

They are known to have a distinct dislike of darkness and evil, and their brillance sets them apart, making them solitary creatures indeed. No one actually knows their habits apart from their zeal for combating evil with their magics at anytime possible. This makes them welcome in towns in villages who wishes to keep evil creatures such as goblins, trolls, and ogres out of their territory.

However, Azureans have a hard time gaining genes through fusion and tend to maintain a good align for the rest of their existence.

Class inclination
They possess great potential in druidic and clerical arts but do poorly in other areas.

Clear sight, Good

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