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Titans are gargantuan, almost godlike, men and women. Quite simply, they look like 25-foot tall people of great physical strength and beauty. Commonly dressed in traditional Greek garb, they favor togas, loincloths, and rare jewellery.

Titans are livers of life, creators of fate. Wild and chaotic, they are prone to more pronounced emotions that humans and can experience godlike fits of rage. They are fiery and passionate, displaying emotions with greater purity and less reservation than mortal beings. They are also whimsical beings: if a titan finds something that interests him, it would not be unusual for him to study it in great detail for many weeks, only to leave it when his interest has waned.

Class inclination
With their great size and strength, titans are natural fighters, but should avoid magic due to their chaotic nature.


Races with similar class inclination:

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