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With eyes fiery red from weeping, and wild, tangled black hair, banshees are truly an unsettling sight. They usually wear clothing of dark grey to mark their perpetual sadness.

Known as the Harbingers of Death, banshees once had enchanting voices. They were proud of their talent, but soon swelled with arrogance and sought tyrannical power and control. Thus were the banshees sentenced to eternal woe; their beautiful voices were transformed into tormented wailing that blends the howling of wolves, the cry of wild geese, the groans of a woman in labour and the screams of an abandoned child. Their keening usually foretells death and despair. No other sound can match the sorrow it bears, for it strikes the stoutest heart with depression and terror.

Class inclination
Banshees are competent in any role they take.

Scream, Fly wings

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