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Heroes of the Lance III is a medieval-themed, race-based
MUD with a heavy emphasis on skills for character development.

We have a unique skills/spells/class system without restrictions on what you can learn. There are over 30 races to choose from and no two are alike. Depending on the 'time you are born', you would get a unique character with different inclinations and abilities. This is to create a large pool of different basic genes. Players can then 'fuse' with each other to mix-and-match genes, thus creating new characters with characteristics from both parents. This provides almost endless character development and playing.

This MUD was written from scratch since February 1998. After extensive redevelopment, we reopened for playing. If you are looking for a unique MUD with a Merc/ROM feel, do give us a try and connect to HOTL now.

This site is designed as a complement to (and not in lieu of) HOTL3's help files available in the game. Please read the help files for full information on gameplay.

Download the latest moonchart here!
Updated as of 21 Aug 2015.


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