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Fusion is the way in which you can create unique characters. It is a magical process which will combine two high level characters to form two children having characteristics of both parents. You can fuse as many times as you wish, and each time you do so, your character should be stronger than before. Rebirth is the same but only uses your character. Take note that for Rebirth, you will not gain/lose genes and limbs.

You need to be at least level 45 for Generation 1 or level 50 for other Generations in order to fuse. Players of the same sex can fuse but fusion between opposite sexes produces slightly better results.

Fusion/Rebirth Result

  • All your attributes and stats will be combined. Thus, a character with high strength and a character with a low strength will produce children of average strength, all things being equal.
  • You will gain at least five additional slots.
  • You will go back to level 5 with level 1 attributes & stats but will have 5 levels' worth of practices.
  • Your competency in skills learnt will be reset to 1%. If you had skills at over 90% prior to fusion, you will gain one level of expertise in those skills, but will need to re-practise them to use them.
  • Your fighting or magic capability and your resistance will improve.
  • Your attributes & stats may go up or down depending on who you fuse with, or if you have a bad fusion. Bad fusion happens when your partner is incompatible or is someone with whom you've fused before, or when the Generation gap is too wide, eg. 1st and 5th Generation. The 5th generation might not improve at all (and in fact might be worse off). On the other hand, the 1st generation will get a super boost, so it is really your choice. In general, one to two generations apart is fine.

Factors to Consider During Fusion
There are many different factors affecting your fusion result, ie. how many slots you gain, how much your base stats and attributes increase, and whether you get any special genes. In no particular order, these include:

Though your luck may not be of much importance when you're leveling, it is quite crucial when you fuse. Generally, if you have higher luck, you will get a better fusion result. (The factors affecting luck apply.)

Try to fuse with someone who is not incompatible with your zodiac sign. It's alright if your partner is not a perfect match, but you should avoid bad matches if possible. Check out this page for compatibility ratings.

Mutation Factor
Each race has a different mutation factor which influences how easily they mutate during fusion. Mutation could be in the form of gaining genes, getting better stats and attributes, etc.

If you have special genes, you might lose certain genes during fusion. If you don't have any, you might gain some if your mutation factor is high. Some genes are more easily diluted than others, and some may not be diluted at all.

Base statistics / Partner's statistics
When you fuse, your HP/Mana/Movement potential, ie. base stats, increases. So does your potential for the various attributes (Str, Dex, Wis, etc), ie. base attributes. What you end up with depends on your own character base (not continuous) stats as well as your partner's, eg. if you fuse with someone with higher intelligence than you, you might end up smarter than before.

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