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Area Building Documentation

Differences between Merc/ROM and HOTL3
For those used to coding Merc/ROM areas, HOTL3 is slightly different, primarily in the way strings are handled in HOTL3 area files. For Merc/ROM, a string is terminated by a tilde ('~') whereas for HOTL3, strings are embedded between " " (quotation marks). This change makes the two file formats totally incompatible, but we see this as a technical improvement.

HOTL3 area files are also more readable without any "flags". Thus, there is no need to refer to the set of flag tables just to see what the object or mobiles does. Furthermore, redundant information is done away with. Thus, it is also easier for the area coder to do his stuff without worrying about the damage, the hits etc.

Area files take the extension .are and comprise four sections: Header section (non-optional), Rooms section, Mobiles section, and Items section.

The Mob Specials and Shop section have been shifted into the Mobiles section.
The Reset section has shifted into the Rooms section.

Mudprogs (a.k.a. mprog) are also possible in all sections. Please see the section on Mudprogs for more explanations.

Comments are also possible in the area files now. Any string after '//' is considered a comment. In addition, the keywords are case sensitive, thus 'Vnum' is not the same as 'vnum'. Please take note of this.

Sections in an ARE file

Header - define your area
Rooms - rooms, resets & progs
Mobiles - monsters & progs
Items - objects & progs
MudProgs - specials

Area List
For a complete listing of areas

Area Builder's Guide
Things to note when writing your area

Download Area Coders' Pack
Includes documentation & sample area

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