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A Brush with Set - by Crys

Part I: The Distress Call

It was dark. The moon of Lunitari was shining its crimson light onto the ground. I felt it was a time of bad omen. Day of the moon indeed. I looked towards my bed that beckoned me. It has been a boring day.

'Crys.....Crys.....' I awoke with a start. That cry, it was a cry for help. A distress signal. It came from a friend, Curmudgean. I called out to him with my mental powers. It was a scream of death. Set! Set has claimed another victim.

A cold chill ran down my spine. Set! The god of death. Composing myself I called sent a mental distress signal to Blurrking. Blurrking had already known of the tragedy and was ready to lead a rescue party to Set. Gathering my equipment, I rushed to the temple Altar.

It was nearly four hours before we reached the ledge. Standing at the mouth of the cave, I turned to look at Blurrking. He wore a look of fearsome determination. Death meant little to this valiant ranger. Curmudgean looked awful though. I knelt beside him and started to transfer my life force to him. It took nearly an hour before Curmudgean was fully restored. However, I slumped onto the ground with exhaustion. Weakly, I uttered the magical words of power 'Complete Healing'. Fully rejuvenated, I jumped up and was ready to go.

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Part I: The Distress Call

Part II: The Journey to the Temple

Part III: Inside the Temple of Set

Part IV: A Brush With Set

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