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The Journal of Farewell - by Kedryn

Part I: The Defeat of the Great Evil

I begin this journal, on the Day of Gods, 5th Month of the Old Forces, 2nd Year of Fall of Evil. I, Kedryn D'ashar, Warlock of the 35th Planes, former servant of our Dark Queen, am the last of my brethren. The Wars of Reckoning have been fought. And lost.

Unbelievable as it is, the Forces of Good, may their souls rot, have triumphed. The remnants of my Queen's once mighty host were driven to the four corners of the known world, hunted, tormented, exterminated. Great evil wyrms, scions of Takhisis herself, were cornered like rats, little or no power left, after the disappearance of our Queen, and skewered by glory-seeking knights, crusaders and paladins of Good. Their skulls now decorate the walls of the cities of man. Their scales made into costume jewellery! What MOCKERY! To think we were so close to victory.

The siege of Midgaard, on the Last Day of The War. Our great general, Serpentor the Arm of Set was about to deliver the coup de grace. But it was not to be. A band of heroes, gathered from the oft warring Clans, had completed their quest of sealing the Portal to the Plane of Evil. There, with tremendous aid from the Gods of good, they had managed to banish our Queen.

The Gods of Good, in their vile treachery, had created an artifact of great power, the Key of Hope, and with the sacrifice of one of their group, the good witch Chrysalis, had managed to seal the Portal with blood. Trapped and alone our Queenwas defeated and bound by the Gods of Good. While the Plane of Evil was sealed, thereby denying our forces of power and the aid of Takhisis, the heroes rallied the Hosts of Good and routed our armies.

Serpentor himself was slain by the crusader Val Ashenshugar, in a mighty duel. The Armies of Darkness scattered to the winds, hounded by warriors of the Clans. Stand after stand we made, but powerless and weak we were, torn too by internal bickering and power struggles. Evil turns on itself and the good gloated. And so Good triumphed. Magical energy from the Plane of Good flooded the world. There was no hope left for darkness. Even the inherent evil in man began to fade. The clerics of good, together with the white mages, began 'cleansing' the souls of men, whether they wanted it or not. Thus the Balance was tipped and the slide to Unbeing began.

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Part I: The Defeat of the Great Evil

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