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Golems are magical automatons whose construction involves a magical process that binds a spirit from the elemental plane of earth to a lifeless physical body. Though knowledge of their original creator has been lost over time, research, study and fine-tuning has continuously been carried out by scholars of the arcane.

Golems exist today in four forms - the lesser golems of clay and flesh, and the greater golems of stone and iron. Clay golems take the standard humanoid form, while their flesh counterparts have two heads. Stone and iron golems have four legs and four arms respectively. All golems boast impressive strength and endurance. Their thick, muscular bestows improved natural defenses but makes them clumsy and slow. Golems are also especially resistant to elemental attacks owing to their magical origin.

Class inclination
With their superior endurance, golems excel as fighters, but are hardly good for anything else.

Neutral, Random limb (2 heads, 4 arms, 4 legs etc)

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