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Orcs are smelly, squat and bad-tempered creatures who are not very smart, but they make up for the lack of brains with brute force and tenacity. They resemble primitive humans with hairy, grey-green skin. They have a slightly stooped posture, a low jutting forehead, and a snout instead of a nose. Orcs were perhaps once men, but since dark forces ravaged their bodies into uncharismatic and twisted shells, they tend to find that they are ostracized wherever they go.

Extremely aggressive creatures, they believe other species are inferior to them and that bullying and slavery is part of the natural order. Orcs strive to expand their territory in order to survive. Thus, they thrive on war and if they cannot find a city to ravish, they will usually have a war within their own horde.

Class inclination
Orcs are naturally excellent and ruthless fighters.


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