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Medusae are female humanoids with hair of swarming snakes. They are hateful creatures that can petrify any creature that meets their gaze. The typical medusa has a pale-skinned, very shapely woman's form. At times easily confused with a normal woman, the medusa's true nature is revealed at distances of less than 20 feet. Its face is horrible - the snakes writhe constantly, especially if the medusa is excited.

The medusa dwells in dark caves or the lower regions of large abandoned buildings and will arrange the lighting such that its home is filled with flickering shadows. The one form of treasure never found in a medusa's lair is a mirror. If a medusa sees its own reflection in a mirror, it turns to stone itself.

Class inclination
Medusae are competent in most roles they take, but they shall ever walk the path of darkness.

Stoning,Tail, Evil, Female

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