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Policies for Immortals

  1. Do not kill mortals. This includes transferring/summoning them to aggressive mobs.

  2. Do not cheat for mortal players in any way. This includes tanking, healing or restoring, casting protection spells, transferring them to mobs and softening up or altering mobs.

  3. Immortals owning mortal characters should make it their responsibility to keep the character(s) identity to themselves. Should players know about the character, there will be questions, even if you are totally innocent. Thus, we make it clear now that if that should happen, you will have to stop playing that mortal character.

  4. Do not give out free or enhanced equipment. If you create a special item, make sure it is for your personal use only. Destroy it after use.

  5. Do not accept bribery of any kind.

  6. Do not undermine the authority of a higher level god. If you see that someone has been purged, frozen, or no-channeled, do not restore their privileges. They are being punished for a reason.

  7. Do not try to overrule each other.

Policies for Players
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