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At various times, there would be situations in which players have given extraordinary help in the development of this MUD. Such nobly-motivated contributions should not go unrecognized and should be rewarded accordingly.

Deed   Reward
Report of bugs   10 - 20 karma points
Help in bug testing   20 - 40 karma points + any loss of exp/gold/eq during the process
Suggestions for any aspect of the game which is adopted   5 - 40 karma points
Articles/Journals/Play Guide written for the HOTL web site   100 - 300 karma points
Areas contributed to HOTL3   100 - 500 karma points
Converting areas for HOTL3   50 - 200 karma points
Areas exclusive to HOTL3   200 - 1000 karma points

Note that this is only a guideline of the rewards, and by no means are these figures the absolute minimum or maximum we will give. Each case is different and will be considered individually. In addition, players who make extraordinary contributions may have their name placed in the Hall of Fame.

Policies for Players
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Policies for Immortals
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