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Administrative Procedures
Requests for email changes, pfile restoration or any other situations requiring modification of pfiles should be sent via notes to Flare or Beginner, stating clearly as much details as can be provided.

Reporting Incidents
Any player believing that:

  1. he/she has discovered a bug;
  2. cheating of any form has occurred; or
  3. he or she has been the object of harassment

should immediately report any such incident to immortals or implementors, either in person, through notes or email.

If the immortal or implementor is the cause of the problem or if he or she seems unwilling to resolve the issue, the player should contact the next level of management. If the cause of the problem comes from the top-most level, then a council of any three implementors (excluding the ones involved) is suffice to conduct an investigation.

Management Response to Reported Incidents
Every reported incident will be thoroughly and promptly investigated by management with the co-operation of the player, and management shall respect the confidences and sensitivities of all persons involved in the incident.

The concerned player will be afforded protection from retaliation (by immortals or mortals alike), and the results of any investigations shall promptly be communicated to the player(s)/parties involved. Where charges of an extreme nature are substantiated, appropriate corrective action, ranging from counseling to termination, will be taken.

Management Response to Players' Suggestions
While we wholeheartedly appreciate all game suggestions and ideas from players, we regret to say that not all of these can or will be used. Many factors (feasibility, sustainability, balance, policies, etc) need to be considered before an idea is taken up for implementation. However, we do not ignore your input; we do read them but to formulate a reply for each and every one of them would be too inefficient.

A gentle reminder: Please be reasonable when submitting suggestions. Try to see things from an overall perspective instead of just the player's - is it particularly beneficial only to certain groups of players? Is it detrimental to the balance of the game in the long run? What do you imagine the game to be like 3 months after your suggestion is implemented?

Policies for Players
What every player needs to know

Policies for Immortals
what players might like to know

Did the crime, pay the time

Good work doesn't go unnoticed

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