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The Return of Rizak - by Azhag

Chapter 2

It was mostly darkness around me and Gilles. "Kenobi was last seen around here somewhere." he said, looking around at the town of Solace. "Well, I hope we find him soon." I replied, not caring much about the town.

We walked about in the town, looking at the houses on each side of the road. Suddenly, a commotion broke out at a bar near us. We rushed in and saw the bartender fighting with an Elvish mercenary holding two scimitars.

"Looks like we've found him." I smiled, and turned to look at the fight. The bartender was holding a club and swung it at Kenobi's head. Anticipating the attack, he jumped aside and knocked the club out of his hand. Kenobi did a weaving dance with his fine blades and the bartender's head fell onto the floor. At the sight of the head, the other people in the bar took out their weapons and advanced towards Kenobi.

"Dat's enuff!!" Gilles roared, and brandished his sword. Likewise, I took out my spear and moved to his side. The crowd turned, gaping at us. Kenobi took the opportunity to stab one of the crowd. All hell broke loose. Knowing that he won't be able to take on so many people at once, Kenobi cast a fireball and half the mob was burning. I began a hellfire spell and this caused a general amount of destruction. Gilles just attacked the old-fashioned way, hacking at everybody that was in sight (except me and Kenobi, of course).

Almost immediately, another mob charged through the entrance and we had no choice but to escape. Kenobi threw another fireball to cover our escape, and we fled safely.

We were at the forest now, resting. "Thanks for the help back there. I thought that my goose was cooked." Kenobi said, thanking us. "By the way, what did you come to look for me for?"

"Rizak is back." I answered.

A look of terror washed over Kenobi's face and he gasped. "So what do we do now?" he enquired.

"We must find Uberjedi and Virusattack. We cannot defeat him with only the three of us." Gilles replied.

"Looks like we have no choice. He is still as powerful as he was before." Kenobi sighed.

The next morning, we set off to the Miden'nir, Uberjedi's home. Along the way, we were attacked by goblin raiders. Kenobi and I simply smiled and sat down and let Gilles rip then apart. Gilles took out his large spiked shield and bashed them all with it.
None survived. Most of them were reduced to atoms. "Piece of cake." Gilles smiled, revealing a gold tooth.

"Let's go." Kenobi and I could only stare at him sheepishly, then stood up and went along with him. However, luck was not on out side for Uberjedi was not home. There was a note on his door that read: Back in three weeks. Naturally, we did not have the time, so we set off to find Virusattack.

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