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The Return of Rizak - by Azhag

Chapter 3

It was morning, and we woke up beside Crystalmir Lake where we had camped the night before. "How in the world are we going to find Virusattack?" Kenobi wondered aloud.

"I know." Kenobi looked at me as I said the words. "He can't contain his lust. Wherever there are women, Virusattack will surely be there. He'd been trying to woo Dynia for a long time but he never succeeded."

"So we go to the brothel in the bazaar?" asked Gilles. I gave a nod in response as we gathered our stuff and set off to find Virusattack.

We were right. Virusattack was in the brothel, gaping at the prostitutes there. "Virus!" we called. "VIRUSATTACK!!!!!" He never seemed to hear the words as Gilles whacked him on the head.

"Now what's all this!" Virus snapped as he turned around. "Can't I get any peace around here?"

"It's the same old Virus." Gilles sighed. We pulled Virusattack out of the brothel and explained what had happened to him.

"This is a grave matter," he said after some thought. "Where's Uberjedi?"

"He's out. We don't know where he is." Kenobi spoke up.

"So there's only the four of us." Virusattack said, looking at us.

"I wonder if we are able to defeat him." I remarked to no one in particular.

"Of course we can!" bellowed Gilles. "Let's go!"

We then prayed for transportation and ended up at the temple square where Almuhara was standing. "Guess what? I'm going to collect recall tax soon." he said, bursting into insane laughter. Virusattack slapped him and Almuhara took out a hammer, ready to bonk his head. We pulled them apart to avoid a fight and moved on. At that moment, somebody sounded the war drums. We were tempted to join but a more important task was at hand. So we moved off, taking no notice of anything.

On the way, we met a bunch of wargs sent by Rizak to deal with us. Virusattack cast some protection spell and we got ready to fight. We charged and cut the first rank of wargs down. I spun around, piercing and gouging anything near me. Kenobi swung his fine blades around and spun around the wargs. Gilles took out a sword and an axe. With a roar, he cut a swath of destruction through the ranks of the wargs. When the dust had cleared, there was one lone warg left. It tried to flee and was immediately surrounded by a wall of flame, courtesy of Virusattack.

"You will lead us to Rizak. Or else....." he threatened, with a bit of flame erupting from his fingers. The terrified warg obeyed and we followed him. There were some minor encounters with beasts and other minions of Rizak, but we managed to pull through safely. It was getting late when we reached our destination - The Tower of Rizak.

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