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The Return of Rizak - by Azhag

Chapter 4

It was all dark in the tower. We walked along, everybody tense as we braced overselves for the battle ahead. Suddenly, the whole place lit up and we found ourselves in a great hall, full of mirrors! The voice of Rizak boomed accross the room.

"Welcome to my tower. In this room you will find that I have a good selection of mirrors. Enjoy your visit, because you will not be getting out alive! Muhahahaha!"

"I'd say he's missing a few bolts." said Kenobi as we walked around. Virusattack got fed up and shot a fireball at a mirror nearby. It melted, revealing a passageway.

"Lucky shot." grinned Virusattack. However, our hopes were soon dashed as the passage way led to more mirrors.

A shadow moved past us. We jumped to attention, but nothing came. Then something appeared behind us. Gilles slashed at the figure, but it dodged. The figure was clad all in black, apart from his eyes. It was Rizak's right-hand man, Syahalla! He jumped back a
few steps, then disappeared. We were wondering where he would show up next, when he backstabbed Kenobi.

If not for his armour, Kenobi would have died. Syahalla then ran around the room, making his reflection appear on each of the mirrios. We moved into a square such that our backs were together. "We have to stick together." I panted, as the others nodded. Kenobi was tended by Virusattack. Syahalla could not break through our defenses. Virusattack managed to melt all the mirrors. Syahalla could not hide any more, nor use the mirrors to his advantage.

Syahalla growled as he came in hard on Gilles, who was tanking. Gilles took out his shield, which he used to shieldbash Syahalla. I jabbed at him with my spear. Syahalla dodged almost everything we gave him, and countered fiercely. Finally, Syahalla was backed into a corner. Gilles and I moved in to finish him, but then he jumped over us and lept at Virusattack, who was still tending to Kenobi. "No!" Gilles screamed, as Syahalla went for the kill. However, Virusattack was not unprepared. His sanctuary prevented a lot of damage. Frustrated, Syahalla took a dive at Virusattack's unprotected throat. Then, he stopped. He was surprised to find a dagger in his chest. With a look of surprise, he fell, never to move again.v

Gilles and I quickly ran to Virusattack, when Kenobi sat up. The truth dawned on us. The dagger was thrown by Kenobi, who was never really unconsious.

"Nice job." Virusattack grinned.

"Nice ploy. Syahalla never expected that." I gave Kenobi a high five, while Gilles drank a toast to Kenobi, congratulating him for a job well done. After a few minuites of rest, we moved deeper inside the tower.

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