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The Return of Rizak - by Azhag

Chapter 5

The room was dark. suddenly, the whole place lit up.

"Hmph. I underestimated you." It was the voice of our ex-teacher, Rizak. "You shall all be destroyed!" Rizak said confidently. He was a powerful warrior and a mage as well. His form began to melt. Tentacles came out of his shoulders, and he grew larger. He was no less like a demon now, with huge, slime dripping jaws.

Virusattack fell into a trance. Rizak had engaged him in a mental battle. Rizak then stormed forward, jaws snapping at us. The remaining three of us charged at him with a fierce battle-cry. Rizak prepared to receive us. By a single blow of Rizak's many tentacles, I was knocked some distance back. Kenobi dodged a similar sweep as Gilles was cleaving at every part of Rizak he saw. Kenobi was now trying hard to dodge Rizak's attacks while trying to cut off the tentacles. I joined in, and scored a few hits as well. Rizak was enraged and fought back viciously, but we held fast. Suddenly, he gave a scream that blew us all away. Virusattack woke up and fell, vomitting blood.

Shifting back to his human form, Rizak said, "You passed the first test. But not this!!" He split into four, with the images attack my friends and Rizak himself attacked me. Rizak was armed with his <<==Staff of **Unholy** Power==>>. Rizak's attacks was fast and furious. I could not match his speed and power, and was faring badly. I was knocked into a corner, badly wounded. Kenobi was not having an easy time either, and crashed into me. Gilles was already knocked down, while I saw Virusattack being blasted near us. Badly injured, we could not do much, except to sit up. Rirak's four images formed back into himself, and he laughed. "This is what happens to those who oppose me! Muhahahaha!!" He then cast a spell at us. We could feel our lifeforce being drained.

"N...o...o...o....." Gilles weakly spluttered, writhing on the ground. Suddenly, a portal opened above Rizak and out jumped Uberjedi, followed by some "Oohhs" and "Ahhhs". Rizak turned around, forgetting his spell. We were freed. He blasted Uberjedi was his power, who fell to the ground, landing heavily, not moving. We quickly used the chance given to us. Using all the remaining strength we had, we launched a blast of magical power upon Gilles's sword. Gilles threw the sword, blazing fiercely from the magical energy it had. The sword flew true, striking Rizak's back.

"Aargh!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, then spinning round and round, then exploded into sparks, leaving no trace of himself.

We had finally won, but at a high price. Uberjedi was mortally wounded, and we had not enough time to take him to a healer. Like the setting sun, Uberjedi faded away, into a place of no return. We were all grieved, and carried his corpse outside, despite the wounds that we had suffered. At the woods outside the tower, we gave Uberjedi a solemn funeral, and stood in front of his grave until some soldiers found us. They were a scouting party from New Thalos, and took us back to the city, where we rested for a few days.

Soon after, the time came for us to part. Gilles left first, restored to his former glory as a knight of the Square Table of Castle Reinhold. Virusattack decided to settle down in Canterbury. As for Kenobi, he went to Cloudy Mountain, hired by the king there. I decided to wander around Thera. However, we made a promise to meet every year at Uberjedi's grave, on the day that he had died. Our ordeal was finally over. In our hearts, we knew that Uberjedi would rest in peace, knowing that Rizak would never return. Uberjedi, the hero that had saved us all.

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