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Unsung Heroes - by Lady Crysania

In the Beginning

Yonder lands whence Oriental tales were sung
Came heroes sworn upon the DragonLance
Through smothering clouds of wars that stung
For fame they sought - though death didst oft perchance.

Amongst this fair assembly of all kinds
A cleric of the white robes, CRYSANIA:
Led by her faith and purest of all minds
To rid the lands of evil and all fear.

Her healing hands she laid on fatal wounds
With prayers soothed the pain of poison'd claws
Returning blessed light to blinded eyes
Granting sanctuary 'pon valiant vows.

She journeyed on through lands of darkest shades
Joined in holy might with Valour's minions:
Who brave all onslaughts with their smoking blades
Unseaming limbs from gruesome purple worms.

Shroud in mystery, bide the magicians
Barely moving lips, murmuring cryptic spells,
Hacking holes through scaly hides o'draconians
Obliterating wi'freezing iceballs.

In th'sneaking company of stealthy thieves
Who cam'st behind New Thalos elite guards
Smashing through with daggers carved in black wreaths
Frozen smiles on faces still, strewn 'cross streets and yards.

Coming of the Others

In the heart of battle came the others:
Skilled with th'use of steel from th'blacksmith's forge
Paladins with modest healing knowledge;
Druids bound to Nature's neutrality
Throw deadly acid brews wi'fatality;
Rangers possessing th'best of woodland lore
Track enemies with keenest sense therefore;
And bashing through with brute strength, th'barbarians
Dull of mind - but ne'er wanting in valiance.

They came forth in the first blush of the world
Into the growing chaos of dragons:
To banish evil in th'festering cold
Though blessings come not from th'troubled heavens.

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In the Beginning

Coming of the Others

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