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Entering the game

Once you are connected to the game, you will see this login screen:

HOTL3 Login Screen

Name and password
Before you create a character, take a bit of time to think about what your character is like and choose a suitable name. A hulking orc warrior with the name of Buttercup is possible though not very logical. You will then be asked to confirm your name and to choose a suitable password, followed by an email address. Try to remember it since it will come in handy if you ever forget your password.

Gender, race and align
Take note that certain races may have gender and/or align restrictions. Races with align genes can only gain experience if they do not switch aligns.

Generally, the weapon you choose does not matter. However, do take note that thieves can only backstab while using a dagger. Mages and clerics will want a light weapon, such as a dart, dagger or mace.

Once you have chosen a preferred weapon, press enter. You will now enter the Message of the Day screen. Please read it as it will contain important information on changes and MUD-related events.

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