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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where's this MUD hosted?
2. Can I use abbreviations in this MUD?
3. Is all this information also available in the game?
4. Why do things in HOTL3 keep changing?
5. I have a question that's not answered in the FAQs. What can I do?

Character & Classes
1. My screen scrolls by too fast, how do I shut out useless information?
2. How do I get the words to appear after my name on the 'who' list?
3. Can my character have a description?
4. What's this [AFK], [QUEST] and [WAR] stuff I see on the 'who' list?
5. I've got lots of good equipment, so why does my character still suck?

1. How many levels of play are there?
2. Is there life after level 50?
3. What are some good places for low level players to gain experience?
4. Leveling alone is so tough, what can I do?
5. Why did I gain so few practices as compared with my group mates?

Combat & Death
1. Why do I attack less frequently than other people, even with my super-duper weapon?
2. Why are some monsters harder to kill than other monsters of the same level?

I need to get somewhere but there's an aggressive monster on the way. What do I do?

4. Why do I see 'You prepare to...'? Where's my bash?
5. Why do my action points refresh so slowly?
6. Why can't I change weapons or equipment while fighting?
7. What precautions can I take against dying?
8. What should I do when I die?
9. Can I kill other players?

1. How many pieces of equipment can I wear?
2. Can I keep equipment that's higher than my level?
3. Where can I find some good equipment for newbies?
4. My equipment is lousy! I can't find anything better for my level. What can I do?
5. I got zapped by my equipment and it hurt! What gives?

Skills & Spells
1. How do I interpret my 'affects' list?
2. Why don't I have any skills or spells?
3. How do I use a skill?
4. How do I use a spell?
5. Why does casting spells take me much more mana than my fellow mage?
6. How can I gain more skills and spells?
7. What are slots?
8. How do I obtain more slots?

1. My inventory list is way too long - there must be a more efficient way to manage it?
2. I know where to buy food, but I'm running out of money buying a new water skin every time it's empty. Is there a place to refill it?
3. Why do I get hungry so fast after eating Item A but not Item B?
4. Will anything happn to me if I ignore the hunger and thirst messages?
5. Will anything happen to me if I get drunk?
6. How do I buy a particular item when there are several of them with the same name on sale?
7. Do shopowners buy things from players?
8. How do I buy something on auction?
9. Why are the city gates always locked when I need to get out?

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"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions."

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