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By now, you might be hungry and/or thirsty, so it is a good idea to stock up on food and drink. You can buy these from the shop in MUD School, or from the Bakery in Midgaard. Type 'recall' and you will go back to the area where you started with, where you can go buy food and drink. Recall has a fountain that you can drink or fill a water skin. Look at the Midgaard map (look map) to see where the shop locations are.

These are some commands to use when buying things around the world:

list list items for sale
buy buy an item on sale
sell sell an item to a shopkeeper (although he might not want it)

After buying some food and drink, you can 'eat' and 'drink' them. It is important to take care of yourself. People have died of hunger and thirst in the past.

Midgaard also has various basic shops and amenities, from which you may obtain items essential to your survival. Walk around Main Street and the southern market roads and you'll find armourers, weaponsmiths, a baker, potion-sellers, a pet shop, and the bank.

Don't neglect the bank - it's an important place. You can store your money and equipment here - because hey, you can't expect to walk around carrying all your worldly possessions, especially at higher levels. The amount of money and number of items you can deposit will increase as your level increases.

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