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Starting out

Welcome to HOTL III, Keril
You have been equipped with the basic outfit.

<18hp 30m 110mv 44ap>
Entrance to Mud School

When you enter the game, you will see your prompt.

This tells you certain important information about your character. HP stands for hitpoints. Hitpoints keep track of how close your character is to dying. Once you hit 0 hp, your character dies. M stands for mana. Mana is what you need to cast spells. MV stands for your movement points. Movement is important as it constrains how far you can walk, and how many times you can execute certain skills. (But more on that later). Basically, what you do, at least in the early stages, is to kill mobs for 'experience points' and gold. Experience points are what you accumulate from killing mobs. Once you gain enough of them, you can gain a level. The higher your level, the more powerful you become.

Moving around
The top line in green, 'The Temple Square', tells you the room you are in.

The second line in pink lists the exits from the room. Movement is the MUD is restricted to the 4 cardinal directions (north, south, east, west), up and down. To travel in a direction, just type the direction. It is not necessary to type all 5 letters of 'north'. Just 'n' will do. The MUD will understand abbreviations for all commands.

The lines in light blue are the description of the room. This can be toggled on or off by typing con brief.

The line in dark blue is the mobs, or creatures/monsters/characters in the room, which you need to kill to gain experience points to increase in levels. Take note that not all mobs can be fought.

Type help. You will see this:

The Help Screen

'Help' gives you a list of commands that you can use. You can try out the various commands and see what they do.

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Newbie Guide
Telnet basics
Entering the game
Starting out
Your character

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