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The first lesson is knowing whom to fight. Type kill 'mobname' to start fighting a monster. Start by killing the mobs in MUD School.

If a battle is not going well - the monster is hitting you more than you hit him - you should flee by typing flee if you don't want to die. You can also configure your character to flee automatically with the 'wimpy' command. By default wimpy is set to 20% of your hp. Once your hp reaches that amount or lower, you will automatically flee.

Try to kill all monsters in MUD School (except the blob) because they hold equipment that you can use. After you kill each monster, by default you will get all the items that the monster is holding and sacrifice the corpse. These are your autosettings and can be toggled on or off. To find out more about auto settings, type help config.

Killing a monster will give you experience points. You need certain amount of experience points to advance to next level so keep killing. If you have enough experience points, you will have to find a trainer to train you to the next level.

Between kills, you may need to rest or sleep to regenerate hit points. You can 'rest' or 'sleep' to regenerate hit/mana points. 'Sleep' will refresh you faster but you will be less aware of your surroundings.

Read more about combat in the General Players' Guide.

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