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Your character

You can see your statistics by typing 'score'. At higher levels, 'score' will show you more information about yourself.


A Sample Score

What's the difference between the numbers and those in parentheses? Level 1(1) means you're level 1, generation 1. Level 5(2) means you're level 5, generation 2. As for the 5 core stats of str, int, wis, dex and con, the number in parantheses indicates your stats modified by spell effects or eq. For example, a Str of 50 (55) means that your base str is 50, while your present strength is 55, thanks to equipment or spells effects.

Beneficial spells cast on yourself have a time limit. To see what spells you are affected by, type 'affect'.


You are affected by: Level 50 bless (10) for 54 hours.
Level 50 armor (50) for 49 hours.

This means a level 50 Bless was cast on you, modifying your hitroll by 10 and lasting for 54 MUD hours. Different spells have different modifiers, eg. Giant Strength increases your strength temporarily. Some may be beneficial, while others may be harmful.

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