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The first thing about combat is to know your skills and spells. Typing 'kill *mob*' will result in your character using your weapon to strike the enemy. While is it possible to kill this way, it will take a lont time to do so.

Skills require movement points to use, apart from thieves, who use mana. Some examples of skills would be bash, smash and blast charge. Typing 'bash ' means that you will use the skill bash against the mob. As with all actions, do take note that all skills take a certain amout of ap, or action points, which will be explained later.

Mages and clerics will use spells to damage the enemy. Spells use mana and will have to be casted. For example, you would type 'cast fireball *mob*'. There are 8 spell elements in Hotl3, namely, fire, lightning, earth, poison, wind, water, holy and evil. Most mobs will generally be weak to at least one element.

Certain skills and spells will hit all mobs in the room you are in. They are known as area skills/spells. Examples would include the warrior skill 'cyclone kick' and the wind spell 'hurricane'. Useage of these skills and spells would mean that you are fighting all the mobs in the room at one time, so do be careful. There is no way to toggle these skills or spells to just hit one mob in the room. The only exception to this are bard songs, which are hit one/all.

Action points are simply a numerical method of accounting for the things you do. Swinging your sword, parrying a blow, casting a spell, sleeping and waking all require action points to execute. When not fighting, you have a base of 40 action points, plus a bonus of up to 20 additional points, depending on your dexterity. During combat, action points can go up to 120 as particular skills and spells require a considerable amount of action points. One thing to note is that fleeing requires 30 action points. Action points are regained every 2.5 seconds in combat.

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