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Basic druid (2)


Infravision Druids first learn to improve their sight. This spell will give you night vision, allowing you to see in the dark.
Carve staff From magical wood,druids carve a staff that is very special to them. The wood can only be found from a certain tree and the druid might have to try more than a few times to find the rare wood. This staff can only be used by the carver,and is crucial to any skills that a druid might want to execute.

Druid combat (2)

Basic druid

Thump Use the thin end of your new carved staff to give a hard thump to the enemy,causing numbing damage.Elemental damage is caused depending on the wood's element.
Crush At the top of the staff is a harder piece of the wood,and a larger piece as well.Using this part of the staff,bring it down on your enemy to deal a crushing blow,causing considerable damage.
Squirrel claw This is the first animal spell a druid learns. Through natural magic, transform your hand into a squirrel claw for one single strike to an opponent.

Adv druid (4)

Basic druid, Druid combat

Heighten senses Long time dealing with animals have taught the druid how to be adept at sensing quiet creatures.This spell magically improves perception so the druid will be able to detect the movement of sneaky characters.
Mix Living at one with nature has brought the druid into close contact with herbs, and therefore the art of mixing potions is essential, be it for creating poisons, or beneficial spells. With the vast variety of herbs on Krynn, a druid can virtually recreate any spell. The more herbs are mixed together, the more powerful the spells can be.
Immersion The forces of nature is an everflowing torrent of energy. Immerse yourself into the river of natural zest to gain the focus necessary to execute your skills and spells with greater ease and swiftness. While immersed, mana and movement do not recover, but druidic abilities gain ap reduction..

Druidic art (2)

Basic druid, Druid combat, Adv druid

Call animal Call to the wilds for an animal to come to your aid. The type and level of the creature will vary and it will serve you until it dies. More experienced druids are capable of summoning the most powerful creatures.
Rejuvenation Call upon the power of the green goddess to place a healing energy ward on yourself or your friends. This spell heals you over a certain period of time, as healing energy courses through your body.
Deflect An advanced use of the druid staff,deflect can be toggled on or off. When it is on, the druid pays more attention to defense and can occassionally deflect physical attacks. However, this is taxing and the druid uses up more move over time.

Will of nature (4)

Adv druid, Druidic art

Shapeshift One of the signature abilities of any druid, the art of shapeshifting is a closely guarded secret that is only available to those versed in communicating with animals. Turn into either a bear, drake or wolverine to fit a variety of roles. Depending on which shape you take, your regeneration rates will improve.
Bee swarm Bees attacking in swarms are extremely dangerous. As a druid, take advantage of the ability to get bees to swarm your opponent, killing him through sheer harassment.
Wasp swarm A more powerful version of bee swarm, summon wasps to attack your enemies. Although more dangerous, the wasps are also highly uncontrollable and may attack anyone in the room.

Retardation (1)

Adv druid, Druidic art

Vines Thick, strong vines are truly frightening. They can disable even the strongest warriors. Druids have learned how to summon vines from the ground to entangle their targets and render them immobile, preventing an enemy from fleeing or giving chase.
Sleep A powerful spell, sleep causes the target to be unable to concentrate on any action outside combat, falling asleep very suddenly and without warning. Only another can wake someone from a deep sleep caused by this spell, but only to find himself falling asleep again.

Wrath of nature (4)

Will of nature, Retardation, Adv druid

Rabid animal Only a druid has seen the mysteries of the animal world. Summon an animal that is not knownst to the common and not even fully to the druid himself. Each time the animal comes, it is a rapid whirl that surrounds the druid and spins for an hour damaging all nearby enemies.
Elemental spray This is when nature shows its wrath in all forms.The ultimate spell of the druid is to call upon nature to strike his opponents. The spell draws from different elements to curse, freeze, burn, blind or even blind the opponent. Then when harmful elemental magic is coursing through the target, the druid is then able to damage the target with a random element each time the spell is cast.

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