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Basic Holy (2)


Protect Holy Improve your or your friend's resistance to holy attacks by casting a simple protection holy spell.
Bless Anoint you or your friend with divine protection against magic, and empowers you to hit your enemies more often.
Remove Curse This spell removes the effects of a foul curse as well as those of various cursed items, allowing to get rid of them totally.
Arrow of faith Strong faith acts as a weapon against evil. With your devotion to your god, summon a white holy energy arrow to sear your opponents' flesh.

Creation (1)

Novice, Basic Holy

Create Water Create thirst-quenching water to fill up a drink container. At higher levels, you have a chance of creating another liquid instead.
Create Food With your holy touch, coax magical mushrooms to sprout from the ground and nourish the hungry.
Create Spring This spell causes a pure, magical fountain to gush forth and satisfy your and your friends' thirst.

Detection (1)

Novice, Basic Holy

Know Alignment This spell enables the alignment of any character to be revealed to you.
Detect Invis This spell enables you to perceive invisible objects and characters.

Detect Hidden

This spell enables you to distinguish hidden objects and characters.

Sensing (1)

Novice, Basic Holy

Faerie Fog Conjure a magical purple fog which reveals invisible and hidden characters.
Infravision This spell improves your night vision, allowing you to see in the dark.
Sense Door This spell enables you to detect the presence of closed or hidden doors.

Enchantment (1)

Novice, Basic Holy, Adv Holy

Giant Strength Bestow upon yourself or a friend the might and muscle of a giant.
Recharge This allows you to replenish a wand or staff's magical properties. Beware, if the spell fails, the item might get destroyed.
Enchant Armor Imbue pieces of armor with powerful protective magic. Each successful enchantment marginally increases its armor class, and raises its level by one.

Advanced Holy (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Holy

Sanctuary This spell surrounds you or your friend's a magical white aura which improves the target's resistance to physical and magical attacks.
Holy Fire Only for the pure-hearted, this spell channels your spiritual energy into sacred blue flames to be cast upon your enemy. Its damage varies according to your and your victim's alignment. If your victim is as god-fearing as you, the flames will have minimum effect on him.
Holy Armor Create a magical, holy aura which, when worn, will improve your resistance to divine attacks. This armor will not last forever, but generally, the higher your level, the longer it will serve you.

Advanced Sensing (3)

Novice, Adept, Basic Holy, Adv Holy, Sensing

Identify This spell reveals information about an object, such as its level and attributes.
Locate Object This spell reveals the locations of all objects with the given name.
Farsight This is a scrying spell which enables you to see your target, wherever it is in the world. It may not work on special rooms or on certain mobs.

Adv Enchantment (3)

Novice, Adept, Basic Holy, Adv Holy, Enchantment, Creation

Enchant Weapon This spell magically enchants a weapon, increasing its to-hit and to-damage bonuses marginally. Multiple enchantments may be cast, but as the weapon grows more and more powerful, it is more likely to be drained or destroyed by the magic. If destroyed, you will suffer damage from the explosion.
Haste Godspeed takes on a literal meaning. Increase the speed of your movement, hence increasing dexterity which allows an additional attack during combat. However, hitpoint/mana/movement will cease to be recovered for the duration of the spell.
Bless Weapon Grant a weapon the divine power to have additional to-hit bonus, save vs spell, and also give its wielder more mana. Depending on the weapon's nature, some are more difficult to bless than others. For example, weapons which are enchanted or evil will fail to be blessed more often than others.

Specialise Holy (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Holy, Adv Holy, Enchantment, Adv Enchantment

Mass Sanctuary This spell surrounds your party with a magical white aura, improving the members' resistance to physical and magical attacks.
Divine Wrath An advanced form of holy fire, this spell channels your spiritual energy into sacred white flames to be cast upon your enemy. Its damage similarly varies according to your and your victim's alignment.
Paladine's Wrath At the pinnacle of your devotion to holy magic, you may beseech Paladine himself to grant you godlike power in combat. Your damroll and hitroll will be vastly improved, but you will suffer a loss of hitpoints and mana at the same time.

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