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Basic Fire (2)


Protect Fire Improve your or your friend's resistance to fire by casting a simple protection fire spell.
Continual Light Create a ball of magical light to illuminate your way. This will undoubtedly be indispensable when your torch burns out.

Fire Combat (2)

Novice, Basic Fire

Magic Missile This spell will cause a small, magical projectile to issue from your fingers. Its speed and force of impact will produce enough heat to singe your opponent.
Burning Hands Casting this magically raises the temperature of your palms, enabling you to burn the flesh off your opponent with your bare hands. An antithesis of the chill touch spell.
Inferno Latent heat from the surroundings can be transformed into a blazing pillar of fire to be directed at your opponent. It may even be strong enough to burn some of his belongings.

Advanced Fire (4)

Novice, Basic Fire

Flambe This spell encases a weapon of your choice in a layer of flames, allowing you to hit more often with extra damage. But be warned, your hands will get scorched holding such a weapon, and the enchantment bonds you and your implement.
Fireshield Play with fire and you'll get burnt. When active, this fiery aura will reflect half the damage your opponent inflicts upon you back onto him.
Fire Armor Create a set of fiery armor which, when worn, will improve your resistance to fire. This armor will not last forever, but generally, the higher your level, the longer it will serve you.

Advanced Fire Combat (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Fire, Adv Fire, Fire Combat

Flamestrike Call forth a magical tower of flame from the elemental planes to smite your opponent.
Fireball A favorite of fire-users, this spell enables you to channel fire magic from the elemental planes into a flaming ball of white hot fire to hurl at your opponent.
Flamewave A more damaging fire spell, this sends a blistering wave of blue flame from the elemental planes to engulf your opponent and possibly burn his possessions.

Specialise Fire (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Fire, Adv Fire, Fire Combat, Adv Fire Combat

Firestorm Create a blizzard of whirling flame and heat for all unfortunates caught in the conflagration to suffer grievous damage. As with most fire spells, this has the power to turn possessions into cinders.
Rains of Fire A true master of fire magic can summon fire to rain from the skies, causing wreckage of catastrophic proportions. Your opponent's belongings are not likely to survive the damage.

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