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Basic Water (2)


Protect Water Improve your or your friend's resistance to water by casting a simple protection water spell.
Water Breath This spell allows you to become one with water and breathe it as you would air. Traverse rivers, seas and oceans without need for a boat. Incidentally, some races have the water breath gene which automatically gives the effect of the spell.
Chill Touch The opposite of a burning hands spell, this magically lowers the temperature of your palms to deliver a biting tinge on your enemy.
Refresh Draw from the revitalising properties of water to restore your or your friend's movement points.

Healing (2)

Novice, Basic Water

Cure Light Water imbues a sense of relief, serenity and refreshment. These spells will, with varying strength, restore lost hitpoints to you or your wounded friends.
Cure Serious
Cure Critical

Curative (1)

Novice, Basic Water

Cure Blindness Gathering magical mist from the elemental planes and soothing them over the eyes of the blind restores sight to the unfortunate soul.
Cure Poison Allow the cleansing quality of water to wash away any traces of toxins and heal the unfortunate soul.
Cure Disease Bathing the infected body with clarifying water rids the unfortunate soul of the affliction.
Cure Plague Purifying water closes the gaping sores of plague and completely eradicates the unfortunate soul of the malady.

Illusion (1)

Novice, Basic Water

Ventriloquate This spell enables you to throw your voice so that it seems to issue from another's throat.
Invisible This spell renders you indetectable to the unaided eye, such that others will see through you as they would water from a clear mountain stream.

Advanced Water (4)

Novice, Basic Water

Colour Spray This spell will force a fine mist of water to issue from your fingers, creating a dazzling rainbow. The impact will inflict little damage, however.
Iceball A favorite of water-users, this spell enables you to harness water magic from the elemental planes into a freezing ball of ice to strike your opponent.
Ice Armor Create a set of icy armor which, when worn, will improve your resistance to water. This armor will not last forever, but generally, the higher your level, the longer it will serve you.

Advanced Healing (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Water, Adv Water, Healing

Heal A step ahead of spells found in the Book of Healing, this spell restores a higher amount of hitpoints for you or your friends.
Holy Heal A more powerful version of the heal spell, this restores an even greater amount of hitpoints for you or your friends.
Complete Heal Call upon the water elements to restore you to the pink of health, but use up all your mana in doing so. Due to the potency of this spell, it can work only on yourself.

Advanced Illusion (3)

Novice, Basic Water, Adv Water, Illusion

Mass Invis This spell renders your party invisible, such that you may travel as a group without being noticed by unaided eyes.
Phantom Armor Create an ethereal but powerful set of armor with attractive enhancements. It will not last forever, but generally, the higher your level, the longer it will serve you.
Duplicate This spell allows you to make replicas of armor or weapons with the same qualities as the original. These items will last for a period of time commensurate with your level.

Specialise Water (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Water, Adv Water, Healing, Adv Healing

Mass Heal This spell allows you to heal all your companions at once.
Reflect This spell forces atmospheric water to coalesce into a transparent blue aura surrounding you, protecting you by allowing the chance of reflecting magical attacks back onto your enemy.
Tsunami As master of the water element, you may call upon water to do your bidding. Raise rivers, lakes and oceans to drown all your enemies, or obliterate their homes and lands with a crashing tide.

Water Dependency Tree

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