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Basic Wind (2)


Protect Wind Improve your or your friend's resistance to wind by casting a simple protection wind spell.
Wind Blast This spell summons a blast of wind from the elemental planes to knock your enemy off his feet.
Hurricane Turn a gentle zephyr into a blustering, tempestuous storm capable of immense havoc. No enemy will escape unscathed.

Defense (2)

Novice, Basic Wind

Armor With a simple armor spell, improve your or your friend's general resistance to attacks.
Shield Like the armor spell, this create an invisible shield to enhance your or your friend's resistance to attacks.
Bark Skin This spell causes your skin to develop a tough layer of bark, protecting you from otherwise damaging attacks.

Transport (1)

Novice, Basic Wind

Fly Command the winds to bear your weight and carry you safely through the air and over highlands. While flying, you may not be tripped.
Pass Door Become one with the ethereal particles around you, and pass through closed and locked doors. Magically locked doors cannot be breached, however.
Teleport This spell teleports yourself or your friend to a random location in the world. It also works during combat (player-to-mob), allowing you to transport your opponent to a random place within the same area.

Advanced Wind (4)

Novice, Basic Wind

Wind Shield Create a wall of air which surrounds you forming a defensive aura. But do not fools by its innocent presence as it will pulses and rages at your enemies.
Cyclone Weave the winds into a violent, churning vortex that sweeps up everything in its path. No enemy will escape unscathed.
Air Armor Create an aura of magical air which, when worn, will improve your resistance to air. This armor will not last forever, but generally, the higher your level, the longer it will serve you.

Advanced Defense (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Wind, Adv Wind, Defense

Golden Skin This spell transforms your skin into a metallic golden layer, protecting your body from devastating attacks. It only works on yourself.
Mana Shield When this spell is in effect, you can channel the damage you suffer to deplete your mana instead of hitpoints. It will cease to be active when your mana runs out.
Goldenbell Armor Cloak yourself in a magical aura of golden armor which could reduce, or may even prevent, physical damage taken.
Elemental Aura This spell encases you in a prismatic sphere which protects against all forms of elemental attacks. A side effect of this sphere enables you to be more resistant to normal attacks too as well.

Advanced Transport (3)

Novice, Adept, Basic Wind, Adv Wind, Transport

Summon This spell brings a character (player or non-player) within the same area to your room. It will not work for characters who are fighting, cannot be summoned, or are in nosummon rooms.
Gate Magically whoosh yourself to a friend in the same area with this spell. Do note that you cannot gate to mobs.
Blink This is a powerful spell which allows you to transport your whole party to a particular place. However, you first need to know the path to the place. The mana required depends on the distance and the size of the group. You cannot blink past a closed door.

Specialise Defense (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Wind, Adv Wind, Defense, Adv Defense

Mass Armor This protects each member of your party by improving their armor class.
Mass Shield This protects each member of your party with an invisible shield.
Invulnerability As a master of defensive magic, cloak yourself in a magical aura of shimmering silver. This may render you, for a brief period, invincible to damaging physical attacks.
Counter Magic Summon a magic matrix which hovers above you and negates enemies' spells aimed at you.

Specialise Transport (3)

Novice, Adept, Basic Wind, Adv Wind, Adv Transport

Mass Fly Command the winds to levitate your party through the air, up treacherous highlands, and over expanses of water.
Gathering This spell summons all members of your party to your location, regardless of where they are. It will not work on those who are fighting, however.
Portal Bid the winds to assist your travels by opening a magical portal to your friends in other dimensions.

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