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Thieving Skills

The number of slots required to learn each Book is shown in parentheses next to the Book title. For more information on the syntax to use when executing a skill, refer to the help files in the game.

Spying (2)


Peek The peek skill is useful for seeing what a player or monster is carrying, and the better to use the steal command with.
Scan The ability to scan allows you to survey the surrounding area for nearby monsters or players.
Pick Lock Lock picking is one of the prime skills of thieves, allowing them to gain access to many secure areas.

Stealth (2)


Steal Having this skill enables you to pilfer items from the inventory of monsters and characters, and even from shops.
Trip Tripping is a dastardly attack which involves using any one of a number of methods to bring your opponent down to the ground, leaving him helpless for a few moments.
Dodge The dodge skill improves the character's natural agility to the point where many blows will miss the target.

Backstab (4)

Spying, Stealth

Backstab Backstabbing with a piercing weapon delivers a debilitating blow to your victim's unprotected back. At higher levels you may use skill, double backstab, which allows you to stab twice before your victim can react.
Double Backstab

Fast Draw (2)

Spying, Stealth

Psycho Crack As their names imply, these exotic fighting techniques enable you to make extremely quick attacks on your unsuspecting enemy, thereby enabling you to inflict damage that is higher than usual.
Meteor Dive
Blast Charge

Advanced Stealth (4)

Spying, Stealth

Bodycontrol With rich combat experience, you may learn to take full control of your body while fighting. This improves your reflexes, resulting in quicker combat moves.
Hide Hide allows you to remain hidden provided you remain stationary and quiet. Once you are hidden, you may only been seen by people who are affected by 'detect hidden' spell.
Sneak Sneak allows you to move in and out of the room without trace. There is a low chance that someone else can see you if you are sneaking. This skill works hand in hand with hide to allow you to remain undetected while moving around.

Advanced Fast Draw (4)

Spying, Stealth, Adv Stealth, Fast Draw

Heal Blade Your expertise now brings you to new heights, for you may command the power in your blade to grant you a healing touch. Even more exquisite are the special combat skills that lay waste to your victim's defenses, enabling you to snap their sanity like a twig.
Slash Rave
Twisting Blade
Soul Breaker

Specialise Thief (4)

Spying, Stealth, Adv Stealth, Backstab, Fast Draw, Adv Fast Draw

Assassinate As a master assassin, your training in backstab and stealth endows you the chance to kill your victim in a single deadly strike. Even if you fail, he will suffer mortal injury.
Sharpen Extensive experience with blades attunes you to their special needs. You may sharpen your edged weapon so that it slices through flesh and bone with ease, dealing untold damage to your opponents.
Divine Shot The ultimate skill you will master is to reach into your spiritual self for a flash of divine assistance and unleash a strike of punishing accuracy upon your victim.

Thief Dependency Tree

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