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Warrior Skills

The number of slots required to learn each Book is shown in parentheses next to the Book title. For more information on the syntax to use when executing a skill, refer to the help files in the game.

Melee (2)


Disarm A somewhat showy and unreliable skill, disarm is designed to relieve your opponent of his weapon. The best possible chance of disarming occurs when you are skilled both your own and your opponent's weapon.
Rescue Rescue allows you to intercede in combat, protecting weaker friends from bodily harm. Success in rescuing depends on the skill rating, as well as a comparison of level and dexterity.
Manual Manuals are books written by expert warriors to teach aspiring warriors-to-be the art of battle. When held, a manual will enhance the ability of the user to execute the particular skill and increase the efficiency. As it enhances the confidence of the novice, skills executed this way will be less exhausting yet inflict more damage than usual.

Melee Defense (2)


Shield Block Shield block concerns the art of defending yourself from physical attacks with a shield. Characters with no shield block skill will not be able to defend themselves even though they may wear a shield.
Parry Requiring a weapon for full success, parry is useful for deflecting attacks, and is succesful more often than dodge. The best chance of parrying occurs when the defender is skilled in both his and his opponent's weapon type.

Close Combat (2)


Kick Kicking allows the adventurer to receive an extra attack in combat - a powerful boot to the victim's body. Skilled adventurers may master the art of cyclone kick which causes all enemies in the room to suffer damage.
Cyclone Kick
Bash This skill is a fighter talent in which you throw yourself against your enemy, hoping to knock him to his knees.

Ki Power (3)

Melee, Melee Defense, Close Combat

Fast Healing A combination of the knowledge of healing herbs and general toughness and stamina will enable twice your usual wound recovery rate.
Enhanced Damage Over time and with much experience and practice, you may become skilled enough in melee combat to deal more damage with your weapons.
Vitalise In the thick of combat, a warrior may channel his inner energies to revitalise himself. This is done by using his mana to heal movement.

Advanced Close Combat (4)

Melee, Melee Defense, Close Combat

Mighty Blow Extremely strong and brutal characters can focus their strength into a mighty blow, smashing armor to ravage the soft flesh beneath.
Rage Rage is a devastating skill which brings you into a fit of berserk attack against your opponent. Depending on your level, your opponent will suffer two to five continuous rageous attacks from you. However, you also suffer great damage after this berserking attack.
Power Strike A advanced version of mighty blow, warriors are able to focus their strength to unleash a punishing strike on the enemy.
Whirlwind Bash Upon executing the whirlwind bash, you will spin around like a whirlwind, slamming into everyone in your path.

Advanced Ki Power (4)

Melee, Melee Defense, Close Combat, Ki Power

Ki-Focusing Intense focusing of your ki power will enable you to increase your chances of hitting your enemy and dealing more damage in the process.
Channel Control over your inner energies allows you to channel your hitpoints or mana to your friend, giving them a welcome boost.
Anti-Magic As a master of physical combat, you need special defenses against the occasional magical attack. With this skill, magic damage will reduce your movement instead of hitpoints.

Specialise Warrior (6)

Melee, Melee Defense, Close Combat, Ki Power, Adv Ki Power

Berserk Only powerful warriors can master berserking: the ability to enter insane rage in combat. Its effects are stunning - a huge surge of combat prowess, coupled with a complete disregard for personal safety.
Counter The counter attack is the ultimate skill which a warrior would learn as he combines the best of the melee skills. A counter attack will allow you to gain an additional block against your enemies, at the same time allowing you to send back a counter attack.
Death Blow Slow and ponderous to execute, the death blow requires intense concentration to succeed. Once the death blow lands on your victim, nothing can save him from annihilation.
Critical Hit With long experience in close combat, you gain the knowledge of the vulnerable spots of your opponent. By aiming your attacks on those spots, you are able to do much more damage.

Warrior Dependency Tree

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