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Basic Evil (2)


Protect Evil Improve your or your friend's resistance to evil attacks by casting a simple protection evil spell.
Bloodlust This spell imbues you or your friend with a depraved desire to kill, giving higher physical damage in combat.

Destruction (2)

Novice, Basic Evil

Unholy Touch This spell leaves a trace so repugnant that it can cause great injury in one holier than thou.
Soulburn Torment your opponent's very soul by planting a vile seed of hatred that quickly grows into a cankerous affliction.
Bloodstar Summon a blood red star to spin towards your opponent, piercing five scathing wounds in his flesh.

Maladiction (1)

Novice, Basic Evil

Curse Taint your victim with a curse and watch his hitroll and save vs spell deteriorate. It also renders him unholy in the eyes of his deity, who will not heed his prayers for transportation back into town.
Blindness Cast cataracts of unspeakable origin into your opponent's eyes, blinding him to his surroundings.
Weaken This spell enables you to leach the strength from your victim, and has an accumulative effect if cast multiple times.

Disenchantment (1)

Novice, Basic Evil

Dispel Magic Eliminate magical enhancements on your opponents to level the playing field or possibly give yourself the upper hand. This is less successful when used against higher level opponents.
Cancellation Use this to release the shackles of unsavoury magical effects on yourself or your friends. Note that it does not rid you of illnesses - seek a healer for those.

Advanced Evil (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Evil

Lifedrain With but a touch, these spells enable you to sap your opponent's hitpoints, mana and movement respectively and transfer them to yourself. When this spell is in effect, you can channel the damage you suffer to deplete your mana instead of hitpoints. It will cease to be active when your mana runs out.
Evil Armor Create a magical, evil aura which, when worn, will improve your resistance to unholy attacks. This armor will not last forever, but generally, the higher your level, the longer it will serve you.

Advanced Destruction (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Evil, Adv Evil, Destruction

Bone Spirit If your battle is getting out of hand, you can summon a gruesome bone spirit from the Abyss to seek and destroy your opponent.
Hellfire The antithesis to holy fire, this spell calls forth scorching red flames from the depths of the Abyss. Its damage varies according to your and your victim's alignment. If your victim is as nefarious as you, the flames will have minimal effect on him.
Disintegrate Cause mortal injury by destroying the very molecular structure of your enemy, and if powerful enough, the victim may be completely shattered.

Specialise Evil (4)

Novice, Adept, Basic Evil, Adv Evil, Maladiction, Disenchantment, Destruction, Adv Destruction

Wind of Death From the deepest recesses of the Abyss, call upon a chill wind so malevolent as to cause a bloodbath of horrific scale. No one will escape unscathed.
Word of Power Absolute mastery of unholy magic will endow you with the fearsome power to focus all your negative energies onto a single target, with the sole intention of annihilating him.
Unholy Pact With dedication to evil magic, you may be granted inhuman power which makes Paladine's Wrath look pitiful. The power it gives to the necromancer is so great that it instantly transforms him into a deadly fighting machine. Beware, the unholy pact comes with a deal so dark that you might lose your life when the deal is over...

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