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The drive to gain levels may start to flag when the flesh is willing and the mind, weak. At other times, you might be stricken with the urge to explore the vast lands in search of adventure and bounty.

The Midgaard Town Council receives numerous requests from lands far and wide for wrongdoers to be brought to justice. The call for Heroes to rid the world of its outlaws never ceases, and the town looks to such people for assistance.

To partake in these quests, all you need to do is check the list of available quests with the quest clerk at the Town Council, thereafter registering and paying a small fee for one that is appropriate to your level. You will then be asked to hunt down the offending party/parties and give them a merciful death. The rewards for completing a quest include a sizeable amount of gold as well as a bonus which ranges from gold and experience points to karma and various kinds of Books.

Types of Quests
There are three different kinds of quests - hunting, item and bounty. In hunting quests, there are three targets. You are only expected to kill one of each target. For instance, if you are asked to kill a storm giant guard, a cloud giant priestess and a fire giant guard, you only need to kill any one of each type even though there are more than one guard or priestess around. However, do note that for certain monsters, there are different types with the same name, so you may find yourself killing a few in search of the right one.

Bounty quests last for a much shorter time than hunting. There is only one bounty target, and it is easy if the target is a unique monster. But to take the previous example: if a bounty is placed on a storm giant guard, then there is only one particular guard that will yield your reward, even though there may be 10 of them around. So in cases like this, you can't do much but cross your fingers and hope your moon is shining!

Item quests are the same as bounty quests, except that you need to get a specific item from the mob in question. Kill the mob, take the item and give the item to the quest clerk to complete the quest.

Rules of Participation
To participate (questjoin) in any quest, you have to be within the level range stated. For every Generation higher then 1, add 1 to your level. Thus, if you are Generation 2, level 48, you may not join a quest for the 38-48 range, but you may join a quest for the 39-49 range.

Group participation is allowed. There are two ways to do this: form a group and get the leader to questjoin, or questjoin individually and group up to hunt for the quest targets. Quest rewards are split among the group members.

Please note that you may only join one quest at a time, and joining a quest DOES NOT grant you the right to that quest or the quest targets. Quests are a free-for-all feature. You may quit a quest (questquit) if you feel that you cannot complete it in time, or if you decide not to continue.

Finally, you may only participate in a given number of quests per generation.

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