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Experience & Leveling

The game is all about killing monsters, which yield experience points, and thence gaining in level and power. You can get experience by killing monsters or by participating in quests (lower-level quests usually give experience points as a reward).

You might find that adventuring alone (commonly referred to as solo-ing) is difficult, as we like to encourage players to form groups. So go ahead and find a band of players around the same level (+-7) as yourself (take note of generation gaps), and share the kills. This does not usually mean you will get less experience per kill, but it might happen if you have members of more than 5 levels lower than the rest - they'll suck more from your experience pot.

Since killing monsters that are of lower level than yourself would approximate flogging dead horses, such kills are not likely to yield much, if any, experience. You can check if you can receive experience by considering the monster. If the monster is no match for you, you probably won't get anything.

A way of determining the rough level of the mob is to consider the mob first, via 'consider *mob*'. This is what you will see:
1) You can kill _____ naked and weaponless.
2) _____ is no match for you.
3) _____ looks like an easy kill.
4) Perfect match.
5) Do you feel lucky, punk?
6) Laughs at you mercilessly.
7) Shovel and gravestone.
This scale represents the strength of the mob with reference to your current level. A perfect match means the mob is the same level as you are.

You will also get very little experience if you kill anything that has the same alignment as yourself. In fact, doing so may even warp your alignment, so be careful what you choose to kill.

HOTL3 does not have an automatic leveling system. This means you do not raise a level when you make the last kill to 0 exp. Instead, you go to the trainer in Midgaard's Abandoned Warehouse to gain a level (type 'gain level').

There are 50 levels in this game, and you may fuse with another character upon reaching level 50 (see the section on Fusion for more info).

Click here for a list of common levelling areas and mobs.

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