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Attributes & Statistics

You have five primary attributes and three statistics. Attributes are Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity and Constitution. Statistics are your Hitpoints, Mana and Movement.

Strength measures muscle power and is an important attribute of warriors. It determines how much weight can be carried and, more importantly, it gives a bonus to the damage dealt in combat.
Dexterity refers to agility and reflexes. It determines how many action points can be recovered after each combat round and improves the chance of hitting. It also gives an Armor Class bonus and a movement bonus when training movement. In addition, dexterity also affects the number of items that can be carried.
Wisdom describes common sense and knowledge gained through experience. It is the major factor that decides how many practices will be gained at each level. Wisdom also gives a slight experience bonus for each experience gain.
Intelligence represents learning ability. It determines how much skills or spells will improve when practised at the guilds. It also gives a few extra practices when leveling, and a Mana bonus when Mana is trained.
Constitution encompasses physical fitness and endurance. It determines one's resistance to withstand critical blows, and also gives a hit point bonus when training hit points.
HP or hit points are a measurement of health. HP determines how much damage one can take before one dies.
Mana refers to the amount of magic points one has. Mana is required to cast spells or to maintain various spell effects.
Movement determines how far one can move before getting exhausted. It is also required to execute most skills.

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Attributes & Statistics
Training Attributes & Statistics

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Attributes & Statistics
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