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War & Duels

Akin to jousting tournaments, the Lance Wars are regular events in which highly skilled contenders pit themselves against each other in a raw battle between stamina and spirit. Victory in a War bestows a prestigious war rank upon participants. When war time is nigh, sounding the great Drums of War in the vicinity of the Town Council will activate a Lance War. Any player above level 20 may do so.

Unless otherwise willed by the gods of war, participants may expect either to spar in teams, or to encounter in a Deathmatch - from which only one conqueror may emerge. The type of war will be declared once the War Zone closes.

Team War
All players who have joined will be divided into 2-5 teams. When the War Zone closes, each team will be transferred to a Team Preparation Room. Here, you can give each other spell-ups and discuss your strategy for 2 ticks, after which the war will start.

In the true spirit of a team war, team members are not allowed to attack one another. You also may not attack a member of an enemy team unless he is of certain levels lower than you. There are two exceptions: 1) When the victim is the leader of his team and 2) When the victim is at least a Generation above you. Needless to say, the surviving team wins the war.

Please note you may only participate in a given number of wars per generation.

Depending on the type of war (if team war, it depends on the number of survivors in your team), whoever banishes another from the War will stand to gain gold and karma points, if the vanquished is of a higher level than the victor. The actual amount received will also depend on the type of War fought.

The Duel
Occasionally, some blood-crazed individuals may tire of team wars. Totally rigged and pitiful, they say. Nothing can compare to a real challenge between two heroes willing to slug it out on the battlefield for honor or revenge.

To call for a duel, you need to be at least level 20. Make your way to the Great Drums of War and issue the challenge and stakes to a worthy opponent. Your opponent must fall within 5 levels (above or below) yourself.

As more janitors will be needed to clean up the broken armor and bits of shattered teeth, the Midgaard Town Council taxes all duels. Therefore, duel stakes need to meet a minimum of 5 karma or 5000 gold pieces.

Your opponent-to-be may choose to accept, reject or ignore your challenge. A challenge is considered to have been ignored when 3 ticks have passed without an acceptance or rejection. Upon acceptance however, both characters will be transferred to a 10-room war area and the duel will start. Unlike war, there is no automatic restoration if either parties do not have full HP, Mana, etc.

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War & Duels

War does not determine who is right - only who is left.
--- Bertrand Russell


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